Commit 9a7538b3 authored by jssuzanne's avatar jssuzanne
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Fix message view

branch : 8.0
parent ca8f8dbb7e2d
......@@ -79,13 +79,9 @@
<field name="contenttype"/>
<field name="error" nolabel="1"/>
<field name="queue"/>
<field name="exchange"/>
<field name="routing_key"/>
<group string="Group by...">
<filter name="Content types" context="{'group_by': 'contenttype'}" />
<filter name="queue" context="{'group_by': 'queue'}" />
<filter name="Exchange" context="{'group_by': 'exchange'}" />
<filter name="routing_key key" context="{'group_by': 'routing_key'}" />
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