Commit e8fb140a authored by Aurélien Campéas's avatar Aurélien Campéas
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validate: use metadata stored at serie creation time to validate insertions

This is more robust and will permit important changes
to the snapshot handling.

Related to #32.
parent ff3eca76a104
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ class TimeSerie(object):
if newts.isnull().all():
return None
newts = newts[~newts.isnull()]
table = self._make_ts_table(cn, name, tzaware=tzaware_serie(newts))
table = self._make_ts_table(cn, name, newts)
csid = self._csid or self._newchangeset(cn, author, _insertion_date)
value = {
'csid': csid,
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ class TimeSerie(object):
current = current[~current.isnull()]
return current
def get_serie_metadata(self, cn, tsname):
def metadata(self, cn, tsname):
"""Return metadata dict of timeserie."""
if tsname in self.metadatacache:
return self.metadatacache[tsname]
......@@ -463,7 +463,7 @@ class TimeSerie(object):
assert is not None
metadata = self.get_serie_metadata(cn,
metadata = self.metadata(cn,
if metadata and metadata.get('tzaware', False):
if isinstance(ts.index, pd.MultiIndex):
for i in range(len(ts.index.levels)):
......@@ -502,14 +502,21 @@ class TimeSerie(object):
def _make_ts_table(self, cn, name, tzaware=False):
def _make_ts_table(self, cn, name, ts):
tablename = self._ts_table_name(name)
table = self._table_definition_for(name)
index = ts.index
inames = [name for name in index.names if name]
sql = self.schema.registry.insert().values(
metadata={'tzaware': tzaware},
'tzaware': tzaware_serie(ts),
'index_names': inames,
return table
......@@ -570,28 +577,28 @@ class TimeSerie(object):
def _validate_type(self, oldts, newts, name):
if (oldts is None or
oldts.isnull().all() or
def _validate(self, cn, name, ts):
if ts.isnull().all():
# ts erasure
old_type = oldts.dtype
new_type = newts.dtype
if new_type != old_type:
meta = self.metadata(cn, name)
tstype = ts.dtype
if tstype != meta['value_type']:
m = 'Type error when inserting {}, new type is {}, type in base is {}'.format(
name, new_type, old_type)
name, tstype, meta['value_type'])
raise Exception(m)
if type(oldts.index) != type(newts.index):
if != meta['index_type']:
raise Exception('Incompatible index types')
if isinstance(oldts.index, pd.MultiIndex):
if oldts.index.names != newts.index.names:
raise Exception('Incompatible multi indexes: {} vs {}'.format(
oldts.index.names, newts.index.names)
inames = [name for name in ts.index.names if name]
if inames != meta['index_names']:
raise Exception('Incompatible multi indexes: {} vs {}'.format(
meta['index_names'], inames)
def _compute_diff_and_newsnapshot(self, cn, table, newts, **extra_scalars):
self._validate(cn,, newts)
snapshot = self._build_snapshot_upto(cn, table)
self._validate_type(snapshot, newts,
assert snapshot is not None
diff = self._compute_diff(snapshot, newts)
if len(diff) == 0:
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