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This is just a beginning.
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# Purpose
This component provides a supervision mechanism over
The central use case is as follows:
* time series from third party providers are stored as is
* from time to time, a data analyst will want to override (bogus)
values, and need to know what values were overriden
* when upstream fix its bogus values the fixed values must override
the data analyst fixes
* the complete series history must retain information on the
supervision activity
# Usage
The basic [tshistory][tshistory] usage is described on its own
An override is made as follows:
>>> tsh.insert(engine, series, 'my_series', '', manual=True)
Inserted values will show up in the next `.get` call.
Specific API calls exist to provide a standard workflow:
* `.get_overrides` returns a series of all the manual (and still
*current*) insertions
* `.get_ts_marker` returns a couple *series* and *markers* where
*series* is like the output of a standard `.get` call and *markers*
a boolean series indicating whether any data point is from
*upstream* or a manual edition.
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