Commit 59a74671 authored by Aurélien Campéas's avatar Aurélien Campéas
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tests: make sure we work around...

tests: make sure we work around

Fix is in tshistory.
parent fc9c57de0d85
......@@ -49,6 +49,15 @@ def test_mercure_serie(engine, tsh):
""", pd.read_sql('select * from tsh.changeset_series', engine))
def test_long_name(engine, tsh):
serie = genserie(datetime(2010, 1, 1), 'D', 40)
name = ''
with engine.connect() as cn:
tsh.insert(cn, serie, name, 'celeste')
def test_differential(engine, tsh):
ts_begin = genserie(datetime(2010, 1, 1), 'D', 10)
tsh.insert(engine, ts_begin, 'ts_test', 'test')
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