Commit dd69c969 authored by Aurélien Campéas's avatar Aurélien Campéas
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tsio: implement deletion

parent c016496959f9
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ import pytest
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from tshistory.testutil import assert_structures
from tshistory_supervision.tsio import TimeSerie
......@@ -485,3 +486,39 @@ def test_series_dtype(engine, tsh):
assert 'Type error when inserting error2, new type is object, type in base is float64' == str(excinfo.value)
def test_serie_deletion(engine, tsh):
def testit(tsh):
ts = genserie(datetime(2018, 1, 10), 'H', 10)
tsh.insert(engine, ts, 'keepme', 'Babar')
tsh.insert(engine, ts, 'deleteme', 'Celeste')
ts = genserie(datetime(2018, 1, 12), 'H', 10)
tsh.insert(engine, ts, 'keepme', 'Babar')
tsh.insert(engine, ts, 'deleteme', 'Celeste')
seriecount, csetcount, csetseriecount = assert_structures(engine, tsh)
with engine.begin() as cn:
tsh.delete(cn, 'deleteme')
assert not tsh.exists(engine, 'deleteme')
log = [entry['author']
for entry in tsh.log(engine, names=('keepme', 'deleteme'))]
assert log == ['Babar', 'Babar']
seriecount2, csetcount2, csetseriecount2 = assert_structures(engine, tsh)
assert csetcount - csetcount2 == 2
assert csetseriecount - csetseriecount2 == 2
assert seriecount - seriecount2 == 1
with pytest.raises(AssertionError) as werr:
tsh.delete(engine, 'keepme')
assert werr.value.args[0] == 'use a transaction object'
tsh.insert(engine, ts, 'deleteme', 'Celeste')
......@@ -76,6 +76,10 @@ class TimeSerie(BaseTS):
return a
def delete(self, cn, seriename):
super().delete(cn, seriename)
self.auto_store.delete(cn, seriename)
# supervision specific API
def get_overrides(self, cn, name, revision_date=None,
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