Commit c2d14536 authored by André Espaze's avatar André Espaze
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Cleaning server side

parent 1f02d6b73022
......@@ -44,28 +44,10 @@ def homeurl():
def tsview(engine, tshclass=timeseries, serie_names=serie_names):
class viewargs(_argsdict):
defaults = {
'outputtype': 'plot',
'outputtypevocab': ('plot', 'table'),
'series': (),
'seriesvocab': lambda: serie_names(engine)
types = {
'series': list
def home():
args = viewargs(request.args)
return render_template('tsview.html',
def tsplot():
args = viewargs(request.args)
return plot(args, engine, tshclass)
class logargs(_argsdict):
defaults = {
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